Shakira Goes ‘Loca’ in New Song! (MUSIC)

Attention, Shakira fans; your favorite singer has something crazy for you.

The Colombian She Wolf sexpot has released her latest single, “Loca,” which will be included on her upcoming seventh album, the bilingual Sale el Sol/The Sun Comes Out (which will be released on October 19).

The track, which is also available in English and Spanish versions, is an interpretation of the song “Loca Con Su Tiguere” by Dominican artist El Cata, features British rapper Dizzee Rascal. The lyrics read as follows: 



Dance or die…



She’s gettin’ high all the time
Just to keep you from me
She get’s you on like (ahh!)
Be careful amigo
She talks in the morning just to wake you up
She’s tied to your love
But your love’s only mine, boy

Sigo tranquila
Like I’m on a beach in Anguilla
Sippin’ on Corona
Like it’s nothin’ goin’ on
I ain’t leavin’ you alone
Texting other girls
Whats it gonna take just to keep them off

And I’m crazy, but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
You like that it ain’t easy (loca, loca, loca)
I’m crazy but you like it (loca, loca, loca)
Crazy but you like it

That girl is a nutter
Hot though, I heat up when I touch her
Chica caliente
Got me rapping to merengue
I feel so el presidente
I’m runnin’ shit and I’m lovin’ it
She’s got a mean lil’ butt,
But you should see what she does with it
She keeps it down low (down low, down low)
I can never get enough (oh no, oh no)
She gives me the runaround,
But I stay chasin’
But I mean, yo, I’m in love
With a crazy girl
But it’s all good
And it’s fine by me
Just as long as I hear her say, ‘Ay, papi’

And I’m crazy, but you like it (loca, loca, loca)”

Check out the new single below, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

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