Did Twitter Destroy Paris Hilton’s Alibi?

Paris Hilton might soon become a literal prisoner of her own materialism.

Hilton, who was busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas over the weekend and subsequently slapped with felony possession charges, could very well have issued a fateful tweet back in July that jeopardizes the alibi she gave the cops following her arrest.

Hilton told the arresting officers that the purse the cocaine was found in wasn’t her own, but rather borrowed from a friend. But, as Radar Online reports, in mid-July the hotel-chain heiress tweeted a picture of a new purse she had bought—and that purse bears a striking resemblance to the one she was busted with.

The caption for Paris’ Twitpic reads,

“Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today :)”

A photo of Hilton on the night of her arrest show her carrying a Chanel bag with a seemingly identical design to the one that she boasted of on her Twitter account. 

Of course, it’s always possible that she borrowed her friend’s purse because she already has one just like it, right? 

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