It’s ‘90210’ Day! (VIDEO)

September 2nd is a very special day for Dylan McKay fans. For the first and last time in history, the date is 9/02/10, bringing back a flood of memories for fans of the old-school Beverly Hills 90210 and all of the heinous fashion and lovably soapy storylines that it gave to the world. (Dylan’s dad perishes in a fiery car explosion!)

Fans are observing this sacred day on Facebook and Celebuzz is sharing the following blasts from the past in video form.

First, the epically cheesy “Donna Martin Graduates” episode, in which Tori Spelling’s friends rally for her right to, well, it’s pretty obvious.

Even non-fans and kids who weren’t even alive when the show premiered in 1990 can find humor in the following opening sequence, (complete with Jason Priestley’s punches synchronized to the theme music:)

Are you celebrating 90210 Day? Let us know how in the comments!