Demi Lovato: From Disney Star to Rapper?

Watch out Nicki Minaj, there’s a new female MC on the market and it’s none other than Disney sweetheart Demi Lovato!

The Camp Rock 2 beauty posted a picture of herself on Twitter dressed up as a cross between an ’80s rapper and a ballerina. “They call me…………… MC DLOVE!!!!!!!!!” Demi wrote about her interesting new outfit. Does this mean Demi’s going to try her hand at rapping?

MC DLove (or some version of her) also made an appearance in the Jonas Brothers “rap” video, “Bounce.” (Demi raps 2 minutes in.)

The 18-year-old cutie recently told Celebuzz that she has a crush on R&B singer Trey Songz, so maybe she’s planning on laying down some dope rhymes on one of Trey’s tracks.

Demi is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers, promoting Camp Rock 2, which premieres on the Disney Channel today.

Do you think Demi would make a good rapper? Share your thoughts in the comments below.