Ellen Pompeo’s 6th Toe Rumor Explained

After the internet erupted with rumors that Ellen Pompeo has six toes, the Grey’s Anatomy actress is coming out to clarify the foot frenzy.

The rumors started when the Daily Mail published a blurry photo of the star in flip-flops with what appeared to be an extra toe. However, Ellen’s friend (and Grey’s producer) Shonda Rhimes was quick to deny the rumor via Twitter:

Pompeo and I are still laughing. She says to tell everyone the rumors are wrong — she has SEVEN toes on each foot!

It’s nice to know that Ellen can maintain a sense of humor about the whole ridiculous rumor.

As for the mysterious extra toe in the photo, it appears to just be an optical illusion due to the shutter speed of the pap’s camera not being quick enough to capture Ellen’s feet. So, mystery solved!

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