Jonas Brothers on Mel Gibson: 'He's Awesome!' (VIDEO)

Jonas Brothers on Mel Gibson: 'He's Awesome!' (VIDEO)-photo

Cheer up, Mel Gibson; the rest of the world might regard you as Hollywood's biggest real-life villain, but the Jonas Brothers are still on your side.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas recently sat down for an interview on MTV Canada's MTV Live, during which Paul the Intern grilled the Lines, Vines and Trying Times popsters on a variety of topics. Such as potential collaborators. Like Gibson.

When asked about the Braveheart actor, who earlier this year was captured on tape making some pretty controversial comments, Nick chimed in,

"We met Mel Gibson; he's awesome!"

Added Kevin,

"Yeah; he's very, very cool."

Okay. But, um, would they actually work on tunes with him?

Kevin: "He plays guitar really well."
Nick: "Oh. Well, then; yeah, why not?"

Why not, indeed? Gibson could probably even phone in his part. Apparently he's gotten pretty adept at that sort of thing.

Check out the JoBros spreading their Gibson love below:

Would you like to hear a Jonas Brothers/Mel Gibson collaboration? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Marianne

    wow did the interviewer say : "did you guys know that justin bieber chocked on a c0ck?" ?! :O It was choked a cop. MTV started a rumor about Justin Bieber choking a cop....

  • Marianne

    I remember watching this interview on TV and it was effing hilarious. Especially when Paul is talking about The Human Centipede, and Kevin was all like "And you liked this movie?" Ohhhh Good times lol.

  • carly

    Hahahahahah this was a funny interview. f*ck if they said they'd play with him.. it was a joke.

  • Jon

    Hahahaha, I liked The VIDEO, that was a very funny interview!

  • Rach`

    Calm down people, they're good guys, give them a break.

  • nony

    this was funny paul: nick u were forced to perform on broadway nick: FORCED!! paul: what 7 yr old choses to work, a crime committed there nick: there were many crimes comitted lol

  • crazy4jonas

    wow did the interviewer say : "did you guys know that justin bieber chocked on a c0ck?" ?! :O

  • Jk

    lol this was funny what did he say about bieber he choked on what?

  • lexi

    guys, they're obviously joking around. they're not gonna say 'absolutely not' about working with anyone, so it's not really a big deal

  • annabannana56

    Dick-heads. Disney probably wont let them say what they want. God I hate them even more right now.

  • Velda Bonsu
    Velda Bonsu

    Kay you guys shouldn't really take this to seriously. MTV Live is just a show where the kinda do reviews and stuff on shows.

  • immature

    They're joking, guys. The whole interview is a comic bit.

  • LL

    f*cking bastards, i am no longer a crazy fan Y?

  • uhgy8g9

    this is so stupid. it was a joke! anyone who knows MTV live Canada knows paul the intern just jokes around, their clearly not seriously considering that.

  • rsac3

    now I know where joe gets his stupidness...

  • Gibbo's

    I don't want a Gibson/Jonas collaboration....I NEED one!

  • kierra

    f*cking bastards, i am no longer a crazy fan