Katy Perry Gets Freaky for the Germans (VIDEO)

Katy Perry Gets Freaky for the Germans (VIDEO)-photo

Gotta hand it to the Germans; they know how to create a visual spectacle.

Katy Perry recently taped a commercial for the German TV show Star Force, and its brief 90-second running time contains pretty much everything you could ever hope for: Skintight space suits. A kaleidoscopic array of colored wigs. And a robot Katy Perry that's just as sexy as the flesh-and-blood Katy Perry.

Check out the feast for the senses in the video below:

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  • Nixda

    haha I see that almost everyday on tv (pro7) and I think it´s cool!

  • Fränzi

    some people just cant get over it:D:D i would think a little about my comments before i'd post them!!!

  • Sonja

    There is no german TV show called Star Force, it's only the title of an ad campaign by the network ProSieben.

  • noah

    and guess what in our country the homosexuals are allowed to marry! I mean, wow, that's so progressive of you. And just think, about 60 years ago you were putting them in camps and murdering them. Look how far you've come!

  • Fränzi

    and in case you didnt notice, they wanted her to look like marilyn monroe...jerk!!

  • Fränzi

    @noah well i think the only racist here are you!! im from germany and i think its always funny when people from other countrys talk about the geraman history when they really dont have a clue about it! and guess what in our country the homosexuals are allowed to marry and the women are allowed to drive a car. isnt that cool!

  • sym135

    u can c that her bottom teeth r seriously scrooed (0:35) but i luv her!

  • mary

    well actually the wig was white.... but whatever...

  • noah

    Wait, the Germans made Katy Perry put on a blond wig and blue eye-contacts? That's totally out of character for them.

  • whatever

    haha this is so coool :) :)

  • !

    That was........idk but Katy Perry was very beauitful.