Kelly Rutherford on How to Tell When You Are Officially in a Relationship

‘Gossip Girl’ actress Kelly Rutherford often gives love advice to her on-screen daughter Blake Lively. And after her headline-making divorce, she surely knows a thing or two about the topic of matters of the heart.Today she answers that age-old question: Am I in a relationship?

I think when both people are ready to stop dating other people, you can bet you are officially in a relationship.

This may happen right away, or as time goes on — it depends on the couple and the circumstances. It’s different when you are younger and want to meet people and experience dating and try on relationships for size. You may be clear that the person you are with may not be with you for the rest of your life, but you are having fun and enjoying your time together. This is a perfect time to figure out who you are and what you really like and want in a relationship.

As you get older, it takes more consideration. If you have been married before or have children, you may take a little longer to get into relationships. You are more guarded and are not as inclined to jump in — and out. You now have a family to think about, not just yourself. All in all, it’s truly about when two people willingly decide they want to be together as a unit and agree to do so, that they are truly in a relationship. At best, it’s an agreement to relate to each other with the utmost respect for however long the relationship lasts.

xoxo Kelly

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