Paris Hilton Fined $160,000 in ‘Pledge This!’ Lawsuit

As if Paris Hilton wasn’t having a bad enough summer already….

The Toronto Sun reports that celebutante Hilton—who’s currently facing felony drug charges stemming from a cocaine bust in Las Vegas last weekend—was just dinged with a $160,000 judgment against her for failing to fulfill her promotional duties for the 2006 box-office bomb Pledge This!

Hilton was being sued by Worldwide Entertainment Group (WEG), which invested in the movie. WEG’s suit argued that Hilton’s refusal to do interviews with the British and Russian media for the National Lampoon comedy negatively affected the film’s box-office performance. (According to Box Office Mojo, the movie took in a paltry $1,751,490 worldwide gross, which might just be the funniest thing about the movie.)

In the film, Paris starred as Victoria English, “the wealthy and snobbish president of Gamma Gamma sorority of South Beach University in Miami, Florida.”

The upside for Hilton? WEG had been asking for $1 million in damages, but Florida U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno knocked it down to $160,000. Which she probably has sitting around in her purse. Among other things.

Was justice served in this case? Let us know in the comments section. You might want to watch the Pledge This! trailer below to help inform your opinion.

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