The Best Celeb Weddings of the Summer

Summer is coming to a close, and so is the season of crazy celebrity weddings.

Take a look back at the glamour, the lavish wedding dresses, the surprises (Megan Fox!?) and the star-studded guest lists. This summer truly was a summer of love for many sweet celebs.

What did you think of 2010's summer weddings? Click through our gallery to see our list of this year's best summer weddings and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • julie

    she doues not look creepy, in this pic she looks very preaty, it is her big weeding day. how can she look creapy, when it is her big wedding, day ok you are not making any sinse. i am just saying, love, jdjullie,

  • hearts

    .I hate it when celebrities say "I want my privacy, I want to lead a normal life without the paparazzi following me" But when a magazine will give them a million dollars for photos of thier wedding or babies, THEN they don't mind the media :) But I think that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are really in love, you can tell by the way she gushes!

  • dennis

    why isnt alyssa milano not in there

  • charlotte

    Hey guys you won't believe that: MEGAN FOX IS PREGNANT!! totally true, she confessed it on a tv show !! :)

  • annabannana56

    She looks creepy...In a beautiful way.....Hmmm..

  • jada

    brian austin green and megan fox are finally married?? never knew that.

  • jessica

    i luv her sooooooooooooo much