Justin Bieber Gets Strung Up on Stage! (VIDEO)

Poor Justin Bieber; it appears that someone has been stringing him along.

The 16-year-old musical wunderkind was wrapping up his smash-hit “Baby” during a performance at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday when a prankster bombarded him with Silly String, temporarily knocking the Biebs out of his seemingly impenetrable Swagger Zone.

It seems that Bieber had subjected his tour mate/”Overboard” collaborator Jessica Jarrell to the same treatment earlier, and someone decided that a little payback was in order. Oh well; at least he didn’t get pelted with any bottles this time.

Check out the video below to see the Biebs receive a lesson in karma. (The LOLs start at approximately the four-minute mark—skip ahead if you’re allergic to high-decibel tweener shrieking.) 

Want more Justin Bieber-related hijinks? Make sure to consult The Holy Bieble for guidance.

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