Meet Miley Cyrus' Cute Co-Star, Douglas Booth (VIDEO)

Meet Miley Cyrus' Cute Co-Star, Douglas Booth (VIDEO)-photo

When Miley Cyrus and her Aussie actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth called it quits recently, tabloid tongues immediately started wagging, linking Miley to Douglas Booth, the 18-year-old co-star of her new film, LOL.

Whether or not the romance rumors are true, the flood of photos of British Booth getting cozy (in character!) with Miley in Paris got us thinking - who is this adorable Daniel Radcliffe semi-lookalike and so-called "Next Robert Pattinson?" Read on for Celebuzz's Five Facts about Douglas.

1. He's not afraid to take acting risks.

While the high school rom-com LOL will be Douglas' first major U.S. role (and quite a start it is,) he made a noteworthy splash earlier this year in the English TV movie, Worried About the Boy, a Boy George biopic that saw Booth dolling up in lipstick, eye shadow and awesomely 80's garb.

Watch him here:

2. He's really pretty.

Booth isn't just an actor, he's also a model who has appeared with Harry Potter beauty Emma Watson and British model Lily Donaldson in campaigns for Burberry shot by famed photographer Mario Testino. (Booth credits his exotic good looks to his half-Spanish, half-Dutch mom.)

Check him out in this behind-the-scenes Burberry video, popping up at the
:43, :54 and 1:30 marks. (Not that we're stalking him or anything.)

Thank the modeling gods, Douglas is featured more prominently in this video for Burberry Sport fragrance:

3. He isn't afraid of commitment.

Though just 18 years old, Douglas dished about his girlfriend of three years as recently as May,  telling In Style UK: "I see her nearly everyday – she only lives 20 minutes from me. Even though I’m filming a lot we get weeks off in between and we spend lots of quality time." it's unclear if Booth and his lady are still dating, but for the record, she has Miley's dark hair and petite frame. Check out the fine-looking couple out here.

4. He's been called the next Robert Pattinson!

Douglas has inspired comparison to England's hottest import - the illustrious RPattz. It's a likeness Douglas doesn't exactly mind, but it appears to make him a little nervous. "If someone came along and said, 'Take this pill and you'll be as famous as Robert Pattinson,' I wouldn't say no, but I'd think about it first," Booth told London's Evening Standard last year. "It's a lovely place to be but it's also scary. He's commanding double-digit millions after just a couple of big movies." Not only do they sort of look alike, Booth and Pattinson also share a super-agent, Curtis Brown.

5. He's got potential.

Booth is poised to become a major model-actor, according to Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey, who has called him "an exceptionally talented young guy who we feel is going to be a huge star … he's also down-to-earth and a pleasure to be around." In terms of wooing Miley, Douglas has two things going for him - he's a model (like her ex, Justin Gaston) and her co-star (like recent ex Liam Hemsworth, whom she met on the set of The Last Song.)

Only time will tell if Douglas becomes the next RPattz - or the next Mr. Miley Cyrus - but for now, we'd say he's officially one to watch.

Should Douglas date Miley Cyrus? Weigh in via the comments.



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  • Jennifer

    Wow, what a gorgeous boy! He reminds me (especially in the still shots) of a young leonardo dicaprio, with a more pouty lip of course.

  • Candy

    I live in tha uk and i swear english boys rr just tha handsomest things on earth * Cough* Robert pattinson! hehe well some of em ¬¬

  • Celia

    He first caught my eye in the Emma Watson Burberry ads. He's got such a beautiful face.

  • guest

    Gorgeous boy and if he has the same charming personality and sense of humor as Rob, he has a very good chance to win the Hollywood over and get lots of fans.

  • Jane

    My God, He could play Rob's little brother. The same flawless English skin, same nose, lips. If you cover up his eyes, he could pass for a young Rob. He looks tall like Rob, just uncanny.

  • lully

    i can't believe he's 18 years old.. he looks a little older.. anyway i love english boys,there is something special in their face..