Phillip Bloch Slams ‘Jersey Shore,’ Praises Kardashians

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch has some kind (and unkind) words for the ladies of reality television.

The chapeau-wearing stylist, who is currently doing press for his book The Shopping Diet, dished to E! Online on the fashion wins and mistakes of the women of reality TV.

For Snooki and the rest of the gang on Jersey Shore, Phillip did not mince words:

“Snooki doesn’t just have a muffin top, she is a muffin top. All those girls, they need to bathe—they look shiny and slimy. People wanna get rid of Snooki’s bump—that’s the least of her problems. You wanna scrape off the tans, get rid of the lip gloss. The guys have these fierce bodies and the girls are messes. They don’t go to a gym. Why don’t they go with the boys and pull it together and then go shopping?”


Luckily, Phillip’s sartorial judgment isn’t all vinegar: The stylist was quick to turn on the honey when talking about the lovely Kardashians:

Kim. Kourtney. Khloé. They’ve created a movement in fashion. Kim is one of the most stylish people out there right now. Every girl in every city is gallivanting around in too-tiny dresses. I’ve seen more X-rated body parts in Manhattan thanks to the Kardashians, but the jersey dress is hot on these girls.”

There’s no denying that the Kardashian sisters have had an influence on fashion. Even famous stars like Demi Lovato admit that they love Kim’s sexy sense of style.

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