Rumor Control: Robert Pattinson Not Appearing on 'Entourage'

Rumor Control: Robert Pattinson Not Appearing on 'Entourage'-photo

Is Robert Pattinson going to appear on the final episode of Entourage? Sorry to burst the bubble of millions of RPattz fans, but the Twilight hunk won't be visiting Ari and Vinny any time soon.

Despite internet chatter about a Pattinson cameo, HBO exclusively tells Celebuzz that Rob will not be guest starring on the Hollywood-based show, saying the rumors are "not true."

An internet rumor sent RPattz fans into a tizzy after a "source" claimed that the 24-year-old actor would be appearing in the Entourage series finale, reportedly playing the "worst client" of super-agent Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven).

Fear not, Rob fans –- while the British stud won't be appearing on the hit HBO show, he will begin filming Breaking Dawn in a matter of months.

Rumor Status: False.

Are you sad that Rob won't be appearing on Entourage? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • twilightrocks147


  • kimmi

    Yeah, it sucks that they got our hopes up because I want to see him on the tele. I've never watched Entourage but I guess if it's cancelled after next season maybe it means it's not good anymore and it's a blessing that he's not on. I just feel sad that this person lied so unnecessarily.

  • kelly

    entourage hasn't been good for a while. thats why the ratings have been lower.

  • tiziana

    Boo! He should be on the show, it would be funny! yeah well said:D

  • ilovedreamboats

    Boo! He should be on the show, it would be funny!