9-Year-Old Willow Smith Drops Hip Hop Single (AUDIO)

Wee Willow Smith already has a mohawk and a budding film career, appearing with her dad Will Smith in I Am Legend and lending her voice to Madagascar 2. But not to be outdone by Karate Kid-starring big bro, Jaden Smith, Willow has dropped her first hip-hop track… at age 9. 

After listening to “Whip My Hair” below, you will learn that Willow has “swagger,” battles “haters” and, as the title suggests, “whips her hair back and forth” frequently. Judging from her cat-print pants in the photo above, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith might have a young Rihanna on their hands.

According to reports, Willow is in the market for a record deal and given her connections, will probably land one.

What do you think of Willow’s new single? Is she too young to have a music career? Is the Smith family taking over the world? Make your voice heard in the comments.