‘Camp Rock 2’s Meaghan Martin on ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel and Jonas Crushes

Camp Rock 2 is a ratings hit and it’s time to give a little credit to Demi Lovato’s sassy on-screen rival Meaghan Martin. Eighteen-year-old Martin, better known to Jonas groupies as the cutthroat Camp Star diva Tess Tyler, says her character was inspired by Meryl Streep’s icy turn in The Devil Wears Prada and Rachel McAdams’ ruthless queen bee in Mean Girls.

“I wanted to play her as a smart mean girl, not a ditzy annoying mean girl,” Martin said of Tess in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz. “I wanted her to be smart and manipulative because that’s far more scary.”

With that kind of grasp on the mentality of the high school princess, it’s no wonder Martin landed the starring role in Mean Girls 2, the TV sequel slated to premiere next year on ABC Family. Though Martin isn’t embarrassed to admit she can quote the original Mean Girls “pretty much beginning to end,” she tells Celebuzz she didn’t look to Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady Heron, for inspiration.

“I didn’t really study the first movie for this role just because my character is very different from Lindsay’s,” Martin said. “Jo is like a tough tomboy kind of badass girl and that’s not really Lindsay’s character… it’s ironic that I was probably using more of Mean Girls for Camp Rock than Mean Girls 2!”

But being a young Disney darling just like Lohan once was has inspired inevitable comparisons. How does Martin take to being called ‘the next Lindsay Lohan?’

“In some ways it’s like, ‘well thank you,’ because before she did lose her footing she had an incredible career,” Martin told Celebuzz. “If I could have that career and just not have the end results of it, then I will be very happy.”

“She kind of fell off the edge, which is sad,” Martin added of Lohan. “I feel bad for her.”

Though she’s often playing mean girls, Martin couldn’t be sweeter or more bubbly in our chat, calling Demi her “very close” friend and describing her Jonas co-stars as “down-to-earth,” “very real” gentlemen who battled her in ping pong and kickball on the Camp Rock set. (“Nick Jonas is definitely the most competitive,” she said with a laugh.)

As for Jonas Brother crushes, however, Martin seems wise beyond her years.

“When you spend as much time around them as I have, I think that a crush would not be the wisest,” she said.

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