Heidi Montag and Her Bikini Body in Costa Rica (PHOTOS)

Just one day after informing the world that she massages her breasts to keep her implants soft, Heidi Montag stripped down to a sexy lace bikini to show off her all her hard work.

With toned-down makeup, a floppy hat and her pooch to keep her company, the reality star looked a bit more happy than we've seen her in the past few weeks. Montag has been hiding out in Costa Rica as she battles sex tape rumors, along with teh public fallout after filing for divorce from husband Spencer Pratt.

How do you think she looks? Check out the gallery of Heidi Montag showing off her bikini body and sound off in the comment section.

To see how much Heidi has changed, check out photos showing the evolution of her face and body after her surgery overhaul. 

And for all your Speidi news, head into the Adventures of Speidi.



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  • onderon

    amazing body, with a pointlessly big boobs :(

  • Honey Bella
    Honey Bella

    She has a drink in every pic.....now I understand how she copes being married to that Pratt! :)

  • doug ferris
    doug ferris

    who cares

  • Hannah

    Those two plastic balloons in her chest are creepy looking.

  • Mr . Irreplaceable
    Mr . Irreplaceable

    Yesss , pose for that camera baby cus it freakin' loves u !

  • lin

    I agree.. stop putting all that junk on your face.. you are sort of beautiful like this

  • Danner

    Damn. Her body is unreal. And it is I guess. But her curves are just amazing. One thing she's definitely always had is an amazing bikini body.

  • Mina

    She looks way better! Hot!

  • kari

    Now THIS is what I love to see, heidi being her natural beauty self. seriously, she does not need all that makeup that she cakes on. Makes her look REALLY like barbie. not a good thing..

  • rsac3

    she might be a ho but she does have a pretty curvey body

  • annabannana56

    Wait,this is her AFTER the surgery?

  • bridge

    she looks more like a real person now, thats good

  • bosshogg

    Heidi ho. She's hot, hot, hot.

  • Nikki

    Heidi actually looks quite good with all the new surgery...WITHOUT all that make-up on...keep it natural Heidi..!!

  • buzzbuddy

    she looks...better??

  • noah

    I'm in love.