Is Serena Williams Hot for Drake?

How is the foot-injured Serena Williams spending her time these days since she’s not competing in the U.S. Open?

Sources tell the NY Post that the tennis champ asked her agent to set her up with rapper Drake. Serena has been single since May, when she split with Common. According to one source:

They’re hoping to fix up a meeting with Serena when he plays Radio City later this month.

In a radio interview Drake gave earlier this week, he expressed his fascination with older women. Serena, at 28, is five years his senior.

I love older women. I love experience and maturity and the conversation. I like to learn from an individual, like, when we converse, I like to really be able to soak it all in, the knowledge, the wisdom, all that.

Are Serena and Drake a good match for each other? Tell us in the comments section.

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