Should Zac Efron or James Franco Play Ronald Reagan?

Zac Efron may be moving from teen idol to Commander-in-Chief.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that a biopic of President Ronald Reagan is in the works and it suggests the High School Musical hunk – or possibly jack-of-all-trades James Franco – should be contenders to land the presidential role. HR also hints that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and rising star Andrew Garfield be considered for the role of Reagan.

There’s no official word yet from any of the suggested actors on playing the actor-turned-politician. 

The Teflon President was already the subject of a 2003 miniseries, The Reagans, starring James Brolin. The film was criticized by conservatives for having a “left-wing bias.” Will this new film be the subject of such criticism? Probably not, as screenwriter Jonas McCord called the original miniseries “insulting” and “condescending.”

Do you think Zac would make a good Reagan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.