Demi Lovato Says Goodbye to Twitter

Like fellow teen queen Miley Cyrus before her, Demi Lovato is bidding farewell to Twitter… at least for now.

Demi (a.k.a @ddlovato) broke the traumatic news to her more than 2 million followers Wednesday night:

About to say goodbye to twitter… I love my fans so much but the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me… Twitterbreak. Peace.

Fans might be encouraged by the fact that Demi did not delete her account (as of this morning) and she did send out a few more tweets after her declared break, including a thank-you to Eva Longoria Parker after the actress tweeted her:

Sending love, strength, and prayers to my little sister @ddlovato – I have your back!

Demi-followers know this isn’t the first time the singer/actress has aired her frustrations with the addictive social media site, previously tweeting: “Sometimes the Internet can be so frustrating…you wonder why you allow it in your life at all.” She also sagely pondered how many of her young followers would choose to read a book over tooling around on Twitter. But Demi’s official “twitterbreak” seems somehow inspired by an invasion of privacy.

Demi announced her Twitter hiatus on the same night she and the Jonas Brothers were forced to cancel a Tampa, Florida concert due to flooding.

Miley famously quit Twitter last year, saying she wanted to keep her private life private, and admitting then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was against her frequent 140-character messages.

Should Demi follow Miley out the Twitter door? Why do you think Demi is taking a Twitterbreak? Solve this mystery in the comments!