James Franco: I'm Not Gay

James Franco: I'm Not Gay-photo

James Franco isn't gay, he just plays a gay guy on the big screen.

The Milk actor tells The Advocate that he wants to set the record straight about his sexuality:

Everyone thinks I'm a stoner, and some people think I'm gay because I've played these gay roles. That's what people think, but it's not true. I don't smoke pot. I'm not gay...

The 32-year-old multi-talented actor has been battling gay rumors for years, although that hasn't kept him from taking on some high-profile gay roles. James played Sean Penn's gay lover in Milk and will portray legendary gay poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl.

James explains that he likes to take on gay roles because he finds heterosexual love stories boring. "It's more interesting to me to play roles and relationships that haven't been portrayed as often," explains James.

James has been quietly dating actress Ahna O'Reilly for five years.

What do you think of the gay rumors and James? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • camdadude

    get the f*ck out of her. nothin against gay people but. my *** james franco ain't gay. he made pinapple exppress, pinapple express!!!.

  • Jo

    So being heterosexual in real life is ok, but it is boring in a movie.What kind of logic is that. He's gay. Compared to most romantic comedies? Movies have gotten so formulaic about heterosexual love stories that about the only ones worth seeing are about 'unconventional' couples

  • Princess

    I never did think he was gay because I knew he wasn't. People will make up anything for a story. Just because people play gays in movies and t.v.'s doesn't mean their gay.

  • a fan
    a fan

    I've never been one to feel the gay vibe from him. If he says he's not, then I believe him. It's not that he said being straight is real life is boring, he just prefers roles that aren't boring. As an actor, he is looking for a challenge. Being straight and in a relationship is a challenge in and of itself. There is nothing wrong with his logic. And the Ricky Martin analogy is ridiculous, while we're at it. When he comes banging on your door trying to get into your pants, then call him gay all you want. Til then, shut it.

  • jacqjay

    Im glad he likes playing gay roles. More homosexual movies need to be made!!

  • Yep Yep
    Yep Yep

    Sorry, always thought he was and still do. Nothing wrong with it, just seems he is ashamed or worried about it. MANY actors hae hidden it and it appears he is too. A recent example: Ricky Martin, he denied and denied for years and then started saying just a few years ago..., "Well that's an inappropriate question and has nothing to do with my talents." THEN to last year...."Ok I am and I was afraid to reveal that all this time." Who cares though, this is all ridiculous, headline???!!!

  • colormeblue

    Good for him for setting the record straight. He's a great and talented actor. But unfortunately, people are going to think and say what they want to. It's not uncommon at all for actors to be drawn to roles that they find as a challenge because it helps them grow and widen their acting abilities.

  • Tony

    So being heterosexual in real life is ok, but it is boring in a movie.What kind of logic is that. He's gay.

  • Celeb

    He's gayer than a diamante handbag full of rainbow unicorns.

  • girlygirl

    This man can turn a lesbo straight....he's so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • noah

    I love him! Well, are you a man?

  • jess

    ahha hes so cute! but i kinda get that "gay" vibe from him, but whatever. still a beautiful man.

  • buzzbuddy

    I love him!

  • !

    I'm so glad your not because your fine as hell!

  • annabannana56