Kanye West's Sockless Look: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Kanye West looked dapper as he strolled around New York in tailored gray suit.

Kanye is in New York preparing for his much-anticipated MTV Video Music Awards performance on Sunday. Kanye looked serious as he walked around (sockless!) with an equally well-dressed ladyfriend.

What do you think of Kanye's sockless look? Click here for more photos and share your thoughts in the comments below. Check out Celebuzz's Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of celebs being awesome.



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    hey, give the *** credit, he's wearing shoes! peoples in his native land don't wear sh*t on they feet!

  • RoomRam

    Kanye need to put on some socks, from stinking up the place. With them ashy feet.