Lady Gaga’s Yoga Session Goes Viral

Lady Gaga sets the internet abuzz even when she is just doing yoga.

The “Telephone” singer took in a yoga class at the Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill yoga studio in Washington D.C. on Wednesday afternoon. Unbeknownst to Gaga, she went to the yoga studio owned by blogger Liz Glover who writes for funny political blog Wonkette. Soon the blogs began a-bloggin’ with news of the famous superstar at a blogger’s yoga studio.

While at the studio, the 24-year-old musician reportedly wore a lingerie ensemble and her now trademark slicked-back platinum blonde hair. Gaga graciously posed for photos with a yoga teacher’s young daughter (pictured) but she remained relatively low profile while at the studio.

As for having an international superstar in her yoga studio, Liz told the Washington Post that “everyone’s the same in the yoga room.”

Lady Gaga went to the yoga class the day after performing a sold-out show in the Capitol. Gaga is gearing up for her appearance at the VMAs this Sunday.

Would you be psyched to share a yoga class with Gaga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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