Ashley Greene Goes Clubbing (PHOTOS)

Twilight hottie Ashley Greene enjoyed the club scene when she visited Leonardo DiCaprio's new club, Premier, in Hollywood.

The sweet on-screen vampire rushed into the club while wearing a see-though black t-shirt and carrying a black leather purse. Ashley is rumored to be dating Joe Jonas -- but the Disney star was nowhere to be seen during the starlet's night out.

Check out more photos of the starlet going to the club and share your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to visit Celebuzz's Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of celebs being awesome.



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  • Vogue

    What a drunk whore! why on earth is she dating Joe Jonas! He is way to good for her slutty ass and she way to old for him! dose this girl go sleeping around with Half f Hollywood. And, damn dose she look horrible her! hey Ashers ever heard of Make Up, use it covers ugly too.

  • CC

    I really don't like her. I think that she loves playing the fame game a little too much...

  • dada

    After all,she not pretty.At all. Yeah, she's really ugly. And too old for Joe.

  • ana

    woaww...she looks really awful in this pictures paparazzis are killing her with the pictures lately..

  • NotCool

    what happened to her? ever since she started hanging with Disney kids she....

  • telegabi

    she looks a litle bit drunk!!

  • annabannana56

    After all,she not pretty.At all.

  • TiredOfIt

    Seriously? All these photos are obviously of her trying to get away from the papparazzi.