Justin Bieber Avoids Arrest for Water Balloon Prank

Justin Bieber narrowly avoided arrest when he allegedly pelted a state trooper with water balloons before a concert in Maryland.

The 16-year-old teen idol was reportedly pelting random people backstage with water balloons in an attempt to wet their crotches. However, Justin’s pranking ways took a sour turn when he hit a trooper’s gun belt and soaked him below his waistline.

According to E! Online, Baby Biebs quickly rushed to his dressing room after hitting the trooper. The miffed officer approached the singer to reprimand him but a smooth-talking bodyguard talked the officer out of slapping cuffs on Justin’s little wrists.

The trooper was backstage to deal with crowd control at Justin’s sold-out performance at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday. A state police spokesman confirmed the event and called Justin’s actions “inappropriate” but said that since no arrest was made they couldn’t take any action against Justin or his handlers.

You’d think that Justin would be more sympathetic to the threat of water-related peltings: The “Baby” songbird was struck in the head with a full water bottle during a concert in August. Watch the video below.

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