Naomi Campbell: Teresa Giudice Is a ‘Role Model’

Naomi Campbell has outed herself as a secret Teresa Giudice fan.

The legendary supermodel called in during the Real Housewife of New Jersey’s appearance on an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live on Thursday night. The model sang Teresa’s praises during the live show and ask the Jersey mom a question about how she manages to balance her life:

How do you do it? You have four kids, you take care of your family, you cook and clean. I mean, you have no help at all. How do you do it?! You’re a role model. It’s like, you dress all your kids. They’re always….it’s amazing.

When host Andy Cohen asked the supermodel what she meant by calling her a “role model,” Naomi was quick to defend her favorite reality star:

Yeah, she’s a role model, a mother…. She’s a business woman, she’s cooking, she’s cleaning, she’s a wife…. You know, yeah. The real deal.

Later, Naomi said she “understood” why Teresa pushed Andy during a confrontational reunion show episode. “She didn’t see [Andy] at that moment,” Naomi said, “You mess with her family and that’s what you get!”

Check out the video of the screaming match below.

Teresa and Naomi have had their share of problems this year. The reality star recently filed for bankruptcy after she and her husband amassed a staggering $11 million debt. Meanwhile, Naomi was most recently in the news for testifying at a war crimes tribunal about diamonds she was allegedly given by accused war criminal Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia.

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