Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Deserves VMA Win

It’s up to MTV fans to vote for the VMA’s Best New Artist, but Selena Gomez is endorsing fellow teen dream Justin Bieber for the Moon Man win, telling MTV: “He deserves it!”

“I think he works harder than a lot of people I know,” the “Year Without Rain” singer said of Baby Biebs. “He’s 16 and you’re gonna see him onstage with all these other artists that have been around, like, much longer than he’s been alive. It’s gonna be really cool to see him next to these people have been idols and icons in music world.”

Biebs will indeed be performing for the first time on the VMA stage, along with vets (or as Selena would say, “idols and icons”) like Usher and Kanye West.

We all know who Selena’s rooting for – but are you voting for Biebs for Best New Artist? Give him a yay or nay in the comments. For all things Biebs, crack open Celebuzz’s Holy Bieble.

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