VMA Face Off: Beyonce vs. Hubby Jay-Z (VIDEO)

Beyonce and Jay-Z will roll up to the MTV VMAs on Sunday as the award show’s fiercest power couple – but the superstar Mr. and Mrs. will also be competitors, battling each other for the moon man for Best Collaboration. Given the outsized talents of both members of this marriage – it’s going to be a hard-fought battle.

In one corner: Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s jaw-dropping joint effort, “Telephone,” which is also a Video of the Year contender and widely-considered Gaga masterpiece. (Telephone headdresses! Caution tape bikinis!) Gaga and B have an added edge, considering “Video Phone” is also nominated for Best Collabo.

Recall the gloriousness of “Telephone” here:

If Beyonce is to triumph, it will be at the expense of her hubby and tropical vacation partner, Jay-Z, who delivered a new New York anthem and a big, fat major hit (with help from Alicia Keys) on “Empire State of Mind.” There is no discounting this duo, as you can see below:

There’s at least one person who will be happy if either Jay or B wins – Hype Williams, who directed both of the above videos.

Who will win and who will clap graciously for his or her honey? Cast your vote for either Beyonce or Jay-Z in the poll below!


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