Spencer Pratt Arrested Over “Hunting Weapons?”

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise for Spencer Pratt. The reality TV villain was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm in Costa Rica on Saturday, according to TMZ.

“People” for Pratt, 27, told TMZ he was arrested at a Costa Rican airport while en route back to the United States. Though it’s hard to believe anything coming out of Camp Pratt these days, arresting documents reportedly confirm Heidi Montag’s ex was “booked and processed at a local jail and later released after turning over the weapons and signing a confession with the DA.”

Now for the good part – Spencer’s excuse. The sex tape negotiator/movie director/tell-all author tells TMZ the “firearm” that led to his arrested was actually a “hunting weapon” leftover from a week of “living alone in the jungle” for “spiritual cleansing” purposes. He called the incident “an honest mistake.”

Still, the gimmicks continue on Pratt’s Twitter, where he wrote today: “Thanks to jail, I finally have something in common with Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and that Lohan chick!” Fourteen minutes later, he backpedaled with a tweet that read: “Wait – I was in jail? Who the hell said that?”

Do you believe Spencer was arrested — for reported hunting weapons no less? Play legal eagle in the comments.