Who is Florence + the Machine? (VIDEO)

You’ve seen Florence + the Machine perform at the VMAs, but who are they? Celebuzz has the answers for you!

‘Florence’ is flaming-haired Florence Welch, a 24-year-old English pop singer who uses the name Florence + the Machine to represent her collaborations with an array of backing artists. Enter “The Machine,” which consists of band members who are interchanged depending on Florence’s vocals need for each track. They are Robert Ackroyd on guitar, Chris Hayden on drums, Isabella Summers on keyboard, Mark Saunders on bass and Tom Honger on harp.

The name Florence + The Machine began as a joke, Florence has said. As a teen, she made music with her friend and current bandmate Isabelle Summers, calling themselves Florence Robot/Isa Machine, but later shortening the name. 

Check out Florence + the Machine’s VMA performance:

The group’s music is a hybrid class, mixing soul and rock on their debut album Lungs, which came out in July 2009 to positive reviews. Since then, the album has remained on the charts in the UK, and has garnered them enough attention to land a VMA performance! Their debut single “Kiss with a Fist” was featured on the soundtrack to Megan Fox’s horror movie “Jennifer’s Body.” “Dog Days Are Over”, the first track on the album, provided the background music for the “Eat Pray Love” trailer. And most importantly, “Heavy in Your Arms” was recorded especially for the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” soundtrack.

On her music, Florence told Q Magazine, “I hope that my music has some of the big themes – sex, death, love, violence – that will still be part of the human story in 200 years’ time.”

Check out her song “Heavy in Your Arms” from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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