Chelsea Handler: Record Setting VMA Host?

Last night’s Video Music Awards had viewers talking not only about the performances, the winners and losers and the outragous fashion, but also Chelsea Handler’s hosting ability.

Whether you are a fan of her show or one of the many out there claiming she was one of the worst hosts ever, there’s only one thing that matters (to MTV any way): ratings. According to Chelsea Handler’s latest tweet, the ratings were beyond her expectations, “Just got word…Highest rated vma’s since 2002. Good job, mtv! Good job, kiddo.”

According to Billboard, the award show drew its biggest audience for any telecast on the network since 2002 (take that Jersey Shore!). A total of nearly 11.5 million people tuned in, a number that is up 27% from 2009. In the network’s 12-34 demo, the show pulled a 10.0 rating, up 33%.

What reason do you believe is for last night’s ratings? Comment below.