Jon Hamm Respects ‘Twilight’ Stars, Miley Cyrus

Much to the dismay of Twi-hards, the Twilight franchise and its mega-stars don’t always receive the love they deserve. Emma Watson has slammed the vamp/werewolf bonanza as “selling sex,” True Blood creator Alan Ball has said there’s not enough sex and actor Adam Brody once suggested Kristen Stewart quit acting! (Though he kind of apologized.)

The refreshingly good news is–Mad Men star Jon Hamm does not fall into the Twi-hating camp, showing his love for the Twilight crew–and Miley Cyrus!–in a Details magazine cover story.

“I don’t know how the Twilight kids or Miley Cyrus handle it,” the 39-year-old actor said of sudden fame. “You make one bad decision and people in Thailand Twitter about it.”

While he may have mad respect for Miley and Kristen, Jon isn’t too keen on actors who get into the business simply to be famous. (He declines to name names.)

“When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous… that’s not much different than porn,” Jon said. “‘I’m a movie star!’ Well, no, no you’re not. You’re a porn star, and that’s completely different.”

Does Jon’s love for the Twilight kids make you love him? Give us your opinion in the comments.