Penelope Cruz Rocks a (Possible) Baby Bump (PHOTOS)

Even though Penelope Cruz denied pregnancy rumors earlier this summer, these pictures seem to suggest otherwise.

The pics, snapped while the Oscar winner works on he set of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, show Penelope wearing a conveniently loose top alongside costar Johnny Depp. In addition to the telling pics, onlookers said Penelope was moving very carefully on a yacht en route to the set and held on with both hands. Also, she took off a pair of slacks that appeared to have an elastic waistband, similar to maternity pants.

Do you think Penelope looks pregnant? Or maybe she just had a big lunch? Leave a comment and give us your opinion!



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  • laurad

    what do they mean possible? she confirmed she's 4 1/2 months last week!

  • anonymous

    Girl is definitely preggers coming from another mother unless her characters pregnant...LOL. But,wait til it's born then you can say I told ya so...

  • berrymacockener

    yep shes pregnant