VMA 2010 Misfires and Missouts

Were the MTV VMAs all they could have been? Not really. Here’s a few ways the yearly award show left us hanging.

Justin Bieber showed us what it means to be cool in Canada … by wandering aimlessly around the Nokia Theater looking for a way on to the stage to accept his award for Best New Artist. Seriously, the goofiness he showed after they called his name temporarily killed his star aura a little bit. Lady Gaga even pointed him in the right direction. She definitely knew how to make it onstage before the night was through.

– Speaking of Gaga, wasn’t the night yearning for a mini Monster’s Ball? She won eight awards including Video of the Year, but somehow the show still felt incomplete without a surprise live rendition of “Bad Romance.” “Telephone” with Beyonce would have easily killed.

Eminem’s opener “Not Afraid”/”Love the Way You Lie” with surprise guest Rihanna successfully built the hype for this year’s awards, but he had to depart early from the ceremony in order to make a previously scheduled arena show across the country and was unable to accept his two awards. And for an event that is ultimately centered around the celebrity sound bites it creates, Eminem effectively robbed us of nearly half our memorable moments. Surely Em had a potentially antagonistic one-liner or two up his sleeve.

– For all those who sought closure between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, you basically got it, unless you needed to see face time. Taylor sang her sweet, apology-accepting song “Still An Innocent” directed straight at Kanye, and later, Kanye closed the show with his new song “Runaway,” and basically called himself an a**hole. Consider those the final, if unsatisfying, words on the matter from either star.

Where you satisfied with the VMAs this year? Or did they leave you wanting more? Tell us in the comments section.

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