Carey Mulligan Rejected From ‘Glee’

Carey Mulligan may have been nominated for an Oscar but apparently that wasn’t enough for her to land a guest spot on Glee.

The Wall Street 2 actress says that she was turned down by Glee creators when she approached them to appear on the show:

I really wanted to be in Glee. I did ask about it, but I was told I wasn’t famous enough to have a cameo.

Carey does have some musical ambitions: The adorable actress recently recorded a song with British indie group Belle & Sebastian. Listen to Carey sing in “Write About Love” below.

Glee has had its share of high-profile celebrity cameos: Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth have both appeared on the Emmy-winning series. Britney Spears is also expected to guest star on the show in a special Britney-themed episode.

Do you think Glee shouldn’t have turned down Carey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.