John Mayer Quits Twitter

John Mayer has abruptly deleted his Twitter account.

The former avid Twitter user abandoned his 3.7 million followers earlier this week.

A spokesperson for John said that the singer-songwriter closed down his account because his Battle Studies Tour is “now at a close and a return to the studio is planned.” The spokesperson says that John will continue to connect with fans through his Tumblr. In one recent entry, John said that it is “time to (try to) disappear for awhile.”

His last tweets were on September 11th, when he discussed the terrorist attacks and Koran-burning minister. saying that “the 9th anniversary of 9/11 feels more like the first” and said that “there was healing and then the stitches popped.” When one follower replied that the unrest was due to “that stupid [Koran-burning] minister in Gainsville [Florida]” John tweeted back that the claim is “like saying one satanist can end Xmas.” John closed down his account shortly after that last tweet.

John was one of Twitter’s biggest celebrity users, often using Twitter to clarify rumors.

Quitting Twitter may be the biggest new celeb trend: Demi Lovato recently announced that she was taking a “break” from the micro-blogging service and Amanda Bynes announced her retirement from Twitter last week.

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