Katy Perry: Selena Gomez is a Diva (VIDEO)

As the world breathlessly waits for a possible Demi Lovato-Miley Cyrus collaboration, hear this: Katy Perry and Selena Gomez could end up joining forces too.

The “California Gurl” and the teen queen advertised their girl crushes on one another this week at the MTV VMAs, where Selena told E! Online she was a big Katy fan and was itching to work with the Teenage Dream bombshell and lover of Russell Brand. Katy countered with some kind words of her own.

“I love her. I think she’s a differend kind of ‘that generation’ star,” Katy told E! (via OceanUp.) “I think she’s been turning herself into a diva – in a great way.”

Check out Katy’s chat with E! here:

Now that the admiration is mutual – should Selena and Katy put their musical minds together? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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