Kristen Stewart Fights Back Against the Haters

Kristen Stewart may get a lot of criticism for not being comfortable with fame, but the actress says that she should be allowed to be awkward from time to time.

The Twilight actress tells London’s Telegraph newspaper that her natural shyness makes people think that she doesn’t care:

I am quite shy and people think I’m aloof. I get that all the time: ‘She should not be in this position because she can’t handle it,’ and, ‘She is stuck up and doesn’t want to talk to anybody. She is miserable, and if you are so miserable stop doing it.’ But do you have a choice? I want to be an actor, I am just not very comfortable talking about myself.

Like any 20-year-old girl, Kristen has some insecurities, which she says interfere with her ability give good interviews:

When I did the first Twilight movie they were like, ‘Now you have to go and do media training,’ and I was, ‘Screw you! Do you think you are going to wrap up all my little insecurities and throw them out the window? Do you think you are going to put soundbites in my mouth? I’ll do your course, but that’s not going to happen.’

Kristen was most recently slammed by former OC cutie Adam Brody (whom she co-starred with in In the Land of Women) for complaining about fame. Adam suggested that people like KStew should get out of acting. Watch the interview below.

Adam later apologized for the comments, after feeling the wrath of angered Twi-hards.

Kristen’s private life has been the subject of near-endless media attention. Photos of KStew kissing her long-rumored boyfriend (and Twilight co-star) Robert Pattinson set the internet on fire when they were released in August.

Do you think KStew is aloof – or just shy? Share your thoughts in the comments.