Was Taylor Swift ‘Terrified’ of Kanye at VMAs?

Taylor Swift might not be so Fearless after all.

The country chanteuse came within striking distance of her former tormenter Kanye West—who famously interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards—at this year’s ceremony on Sunday, and according to PopEater, Swift was “terrified” at the prospect of similar shenanigans occurring again.

Swift took the stage to perform a new song, “Still an Innocent,” inspired last year’s snafu, and a friend of the singer claims that she dreaded the prospect of another “I’m-a let you finish” moment:

“Taylor was a nervous wreck before she hit the stage…She knew Kanye was in the building and was terrified and praying that he wouldn’t pull another stunt. Taylor rejected Kanye’s offer to sing a song he wrote about the entire stage-storming [incident] and had no idea how he would react to the song she wrote and performed about him.”

Luckily for Swift, producers put extra security on detail to make sure that no interlopers would breach the stage this time out, according to sources.

Check out Swift’s apparently nervous performance of “Still an Innocent” below:

Are you relieved or disappointed that Taylor and West didn’t face off at this year’s VMAs? Let us know in the comments section.

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