Jane Lynch Talks Coming Out With Ellen Degeneres

Glee star and newly-minted Emmy winner Jane Lynch bonds with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show today, opening up about coming out and gifting Ellen with a Glee-inspired tracksuit!

Jane, who wed psychologist Lara Embry in June, says she never hid her sexuality once she became a working actress:

I was more closeted in my life when I was younger.  By the time I started to do work where people knew who I was.  I just never made the choice to hide that I was gay. You know by the time you get to be our age Ellen there are no big deals anymore. I used to lay in bed and go, how will I come out or will I come out?

Jane also said that she has Ellen to thank for her ability to be out, proud and wildly successful, telling the host that she “blazed a trail” and “made it so much easier” for her. But Jane notes that her sexuality probably would have hurt her career more if she wasn’t a “character actress.”

If Julia Roberts we’re gay I think it would be harder. She’s an ingénue.  You want to project your hopes and dreams for love..like Brad Pitt.

As a thank-you gift on her very first appearance on Ellen, future SNL host Jane gave her fellow funny lady her very own Sue Sylvester-style tracksuit (see above.)

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