Joe Jonas Gets His Own Nursery

Attention, newborns of Arizona: Your post-natal hospital amenities will now come courtesy of Joe Jonas.

The Prettiest L’il JoBro was honored at the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center in Casa Grande, Arizona—where he himself was born a little more than 21 years ago—on Tuesday for his $10,000 donation to the hospital.

The donation, which was made by Jonas and his mother Denise on behalf of the family’s Change for the Children foundation, will pay for new bassinets and hospital equipment for the center’s nursery. In exchange for JoJo’s generosity, the Regional Medical Center has re-dubbed its nursery The Joe Jonas Nursery.

Rona Murphy, the center’s President and CEO, said of Jonas’ generosity,

“We are honored that Joe and his family’s foundation, Change for the Children, are willing to support the hospital and the town where he was born. Their generous donation will allow us to purchase equipment to update our newborn nursery.”

Way to give back to the community, Joe. And surely this will go a long way in helping you tap even further into the youth market.

Check out video of Jonas making his generous donation below:

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