Kanye West Films 40-Minute Music Video

Kanye West’s Twitter account isn’t the only venue where he tends to go on and on and on.

The famously long-winded 808s & Heartbreak rapper revealed on Tuesday that he’s busy wrapping up a music video for his song “Runaway,” from his upcoming album Dark Twisted Fantasy.

So what’s it about? Well, it’s about half an hour long, and then some. Yeah, for real.

Explaining that the video is a “40-minute noir piece” based on the new album, West elaborates,

“It’s the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world. I’ve been feeling the idea of the phoenix. It’s been in my heart for a while. It’s maybe parallel to my career. I threw a Molotov cocktail on my career last year, in a way, and I had to come back as a better person.”

Speaking of the Molotov cocktail that he threw on his career last year, perhaps West should do the world a favor and interrupt himself for once on this one.

Would you sit through a 40-minute Kanye West video? Let us know in the comments section.

Check out the track “Runaway” below:

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