Kate Gosselin Debuts New Bikini Bod

Kate Gosselin Debuts New Bikini Bod-photo

After eight babies, a nasty divorce and a controversial turn on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin is debuting a hot new bikini bod on this week's cover of People magazine. The Kate Plus 8 mama says she toned up with "near-daily runs" near her Wernersville, Pa. home.

"I've worked really hard!" the 35-year-old mom tells People. "Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?"

Um, sure! Kate, who says she's now in the best shape of her life, also reveals she's ready to find love again.

"I'm waiting for Mr. Right," she says. "It would be nice if somebody noticed me, sure!" Now that she's flashing a bikini on the cover of a national magazine, that shouldn't be too hard. Give Kate a call, guys!

As for persistent rumors romantically linking her to her bodyguard, Kate scoffs: "It's just absurd."

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  • ksloco

    I think she looks hot. I wont judge her on motherhood because i dont know. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone

  • darlene

    please tell kate to stop wearing bekinies lengthen her skirts to just above her knee high heals appropiatly not with shorts.---she is not a teenager any more---act like a lady.kate rember your kids are watching and they learn by watching you .

  • Jeffro11

    New fake hair to go along with the rest of her fake self. Go home and take care of your kids, you friggin media WH0RE. Your 15 minutes were up a year ago. And your bodyguard said to fix him a samich on the way out after you blow him.