Little Kristen Stewart Didn’t Play Well With Others

There was a time when Kristen Stewart wasn’t the life of the party. Seemingly impossible, we know, but apparently true.

The notoriously press- and paparazzi-shy Twilight beauty recently granted an interview to British newspaper The Telegraph, in which she admits that she was alienated from her peers, in large part because she felt so much more mature than them:

“I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. I have felt that I should have been an adult since I was aged about 5. I remember when I turned 18, everyone asked me if I felt more mature, but I felt the same as I always did. Juggling work and school, and helping my mother; I’ve always had a lot of responsibility.”

Stewart, 20, goes on to note that the standoffish attitude cut both ways, thanks to the fact that, by her mid-teens, the Los Angeles native had already launched her acting career: 

“I didn’t walk around talking about doing movies, but then someone saw an old movie I was in, [2001’s] The Safety of Objects, and realized that the little boy in it [she played a tomboy] had grown up into this girl—me. And then I got a lot of, ‘She’s such a bitch!’ And yet most of these kids had never even spoken to me.”

Kids can be so cruel. Thankfully, K-Stew has found a sympathetic and quite desirable shoulder to lean on in the years since.

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