Megan Fox's Super-Sexy New Armani Ad (VIDEO)

Megan Fox's Super-Sexy New Armani Ad (VIDEO)-photo

Megan Fox and Armani are definitely starting to look like a winning combination.

The former Transformers beauty ably fulfills her duties as Armani's current spokes-hottie in a scintillating new ad titled "The Tip," in which Fox rewards a lucky room-service waiter by letting him watch her get dressed. Now how do we get this thing to play in reverse?

While we figure that out, check out the clip below. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section—once you've picked your jaw back up off your keyboard.

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  • Sis

    Hey stop nit picking the girl is beautiful!!!!! like her belly button takes away from anything is laughable. I would sleep with her and I'm not gay.... Soo beautiful!

  • Smushii

    She's hot. But I know that she has been doing some surgery sooo....I wish she didn't have to do all that though. And yeah, her belly button looks very weird xD!

  • germanxxannie

    erm... well... gotta admit she is hot.

  • wtfyo

    she's hot if you love boy figures. aka no curves. and a weird bellybutton..

  • carmen

    Her belly button looks like an alien's anus. hahahaha i agree, it's not nice.

  • noah

    Her belly button looks like an alien's anus.

  • marie

    Love the ad, it's sexy and funny. MF looks beautiful here, idk what she looked like before, but she looks amazing right now.

  • bana

    she's so hot.

  • whitecatthorn

    LOOK AT HER FACE SHE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT!!! If I didnt know who she was 3 years ago there is no way i would say its even the same person! Too much surgery Megan, you not looking so good these days. She cant even act in a 20 sec ond advert. Why is she even famous?

  • simplydiffer

    she's so hot. wish my future girlfriend would look like that.

  • tina

    she's hot - love the ad! lol

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Holy hell, after watching that video I look like I just wrestled a yogurt machine.

  • Anonymous

    milk it while you still can megan fox cause God knows you cant act to save your life and that career is short lived