Selena Gomez Dishes with Ryan Seacrest

The always adorable Selena Gomez sat down with Ryan Seacrest to co-host his radio show this morning and chatted about everything from a possible Justin Bieber romance to the daunting task of getting her driver’s license.

With her own clothing line, a budding music career and hit show on the Disney channel, Selena is pretty much perfect, right? Wrong! The teen star proved that she’s only human by admitting she didn’t pass her driver’s test on the first try. Makes us love her even more!

Other topics on the agenda? Bieber, of course! The two megastars posed for some pics together at Sunday’s VMAs and the radio host asked Selena if the two if them were dating and her response wasn’t exactly favorable:

“NO! No, no, no! Oh gosh no.”

She did mention she wouldn’t mind being a stepmother to the man who discovered Bieber, aka 31-year-old Usher! Seems a little old for her, don’t you think?

Who makes a better pair? Justin and Selena? Or Selena and Usher? Hit the comments!