Selena Gomez Rejects Vinny at the VMAs (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez Rejects Vinny at the VMAs (VIDEO)-photo

It looks like Jersey Shore's Vinny doesn't have the right amount to charm to get a date with Celebuzz's Teen Queen Selena Gomez.

The reality star told MTV News that he was hoping to meet the stunning Wizards of Waverly Place actress at the VMAs "if she's 18." Luckily for Vinny, Selena turned 18 this year but she doesn't want the hard-partying celeb to find out:

Tonight I'm not 18! My mom would kill me! I will say I am a very big fan though, a very big fan...and I do look forward to meeting [the Jersey Shore cast] but that's as far as it goes.

Watch Vinny's failed attempts at seduction here.

Maybe Vinny's past hook ups (which includes co-stars Snooki and Angelina) on Jersey Shore have turned off the clean-cut Selena. The "Year Without Rain" songbird's previous boyfriends have included well-behaved boys like Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner.

Sorry Vinny! It looks like Selena won't be visiting the Shore with you anytime soon.

Do you think Selena and Vinny would make a good couple? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • dandan

    good for her

  • Jay

    I love Selena! shes such a classy chick! one of the best role models disney has had!

  • michelle

    really classy, thats what i like about Selena Gomez

  • babalon

    Eww thats just gross.. vinny is eww...

  • Jesus

    en ralidad es NO parese que salgan los dos el es un poco atrevido y estrovertido y en cambio SELENA es un chica mas censilla y de poca fiesta, seria mejor que Vinny valla a la costa donde pertenece, y me alegro que lo rechazara. bueno besos para SELENA, uhhhhhhhh LATINO... vmx.

  • announamous

    No way!!! She has class, we're talking about Selena here not mylie skanky cyrus Yeah u r so right!!! Selena is a classy rolemodel, y the heck was miley chosen? Vinny should go try to slide his **** into some skanks pants like miley cyrus!!! wat waz he thinkin, hes waaay to old for her1 Good luck Sel!!!

  • glen

    great choice,makes me love her al the more, go selena, u rule

  • Shosho Bagader
    Shosho Bagader

    100% Not !!!!

  • mary

    Once more Selena shows that she has class. cause if a single woman responds to flirting a single man is a person with no class what century do u live in?

  • bana

    Once more Selena shows that she has class.

  • rock n roll queen
    rock n roll queen

    tonight im not 18 ? my mom would kill me?not wanting a guy and acting like this is big difference if u want to stay a child beg peter pan n santa who i think u beleive they exist take u to neverland n do never come back what role model the girl is a cartoon if u want ur kids to be like this dont have any or if u have give them for adoption for their own sakes ur an adult behave like one or go away

  • character


  • Diana

    He should definitely try Miley.. I'm sure she will give it a go FOR SURE!!! =]

  • livilu1

    lol . thank god selena said no . i can just imagine the look on vinny's face when he got rejected . and btw for all you jersey shore haters , not all the jersey guys are as ugly as vinny , for example PAULY and the situation are some high sh*t . so dont be messin with my jersey guy . p.s. except for vinny lol , jk

  • ConfusedPerson_13

    NOOO !! Vinny has screwed to many girls ( snooki and angelina ) no tell em' how many more. I think that Selena would want someone faithful not a one night stand. Ohh yeah and wtf are grenades?

  • David

    I give it 2 months before she's pregnant with a little Guido. Can't wait. No way!!! She has class, we're talking about Selena here not mylie skanky cyrus

  • noah

    I give it 2 months before she's pregnant with a little Guido. Can't wait.

  • Washington 20009
    Washington 20009

    After seeing the Jersey Shore guys in action on the camera's, why in the hell would this little sweet thang hook up with someone that "creeps" all the time????

  • Washington 20009
    Washington 20009

    Doesn't surprise me that she's not interested. Who's interested in any of the Jersey guys after we the people have seen them in action. Do you think this nice, sweet little thang gone be seen wit Vinny? Yeah right!

  • eric

    if i was selena's parents i would kick the hell out of those guidos and send them back to f*cking jersey

  • David

    Well play!!! Once more Selena shows that she has class. I love Selena she's a real rol model for kids.

  • izzy

    grrrr i can't watch the video as i don't live in america but I REALLY WANT TO SEEE :(

  • annabannana56

    She's a big fan? Wow....That's what I hate about Disney stars. They don't have the right to say what they want...

  • alycia

    I don't blame her! Ew creepy!

  • desserie

    wtf tat not snookie she better than that