‘Shore’ Star Deena Nicole: Still a Waitress!

The Situation may net a cool $5 million this year but Jersey Shore’s season three newcomer Deena Nicole Cortese isn’t quitting her day job — literally.

Snooki pal Nicole, 23, who will appear on season-three of the MTV GTL-fest, tells The Hollywood Reporter she’ll return to waitressing now that filming has wrapped.

“I’m actually going back to work two days a week until my season airs,” the Jersey native said. “This is still surreal and I feel like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it’s all going to be gone. Just a month and a half ago I was at Longhorn steakhouse serving steaks and now I’m at the VMAs!”

Chances are she won’t be taking orders for long, considering there are already fan pages up and running for Deena. She predicts more outrageous comedy and drama in the new season. 

“It’s a mix of Season 1 and Season 2,” she said. “It’s just a riot and everyone’s going to die when they see it.”

Should Deena Nicole quit her day job and if so, what career should she pursue? Give her some ideas in the comments.