Happy 18th Birthday Nick Jonas!

Following pal Demi Lovato into legal adulthood, Celebuzz’s resident Teen Hottie Nick Jonas turns 18 today, September 16th!

The Camp Rock 2 star, role model, hunk and juvenile diabetes advocate will have to “work” on his birthday, as he and bros Joe and Kevin will be playing for fans at a tour stop tonight in Chula Vista, Calif. Look out for a rocking rendition of “Happy Birthday!”

Though he’s the youngest of the famous family trio, Nick’s big brothers have said they look to him for guidance (aww!) Who knows where Nick will go from here… some day he may even be president of the United States!

Celebuzz wishes Nick a very happy 18th birthday! What’s your birthday wish for Nick? Shout it out in the comments and celebrate Nick’s birthday with some dapper Jonas red carpet shots.