Justin Bieber Battles Nasty Rumors

Justin Bieber has a trick up his sleeve for battling the haters: Positive energy.

The teen sensation recently tweeted a message to his fans about how he deals with negative press and rumors:

u cant play 2 rumors. u cant let hate beat u down. u need 2 know who you r and kill them with kindness. take the high road – positive energy

Though it seems the 16-year-old singer is glowing in the wake of his recent VMA win, he has been the subject of some negative press about his alleged pranks and behind-the-scenes behavior.

The “Baby” crooner was most recently in the news for avoiding arrest when he pelted a police officer with water balloons at a concert in Maryland. There have also been rumors floating around about Justin’s alleged diva attitude, with one British radio host calling him a “brat.”

The allegations of bratty behavior are certainly far off from Justin’s sweet-as-pie public persona. Watch Justin comfort a young fan at Jimmy Kimmel Live! below–he sure doesn’t look like a brat!

Justin’s positive energy and kind attitude towards the haters explains why he’s managed to become such a huge success. Keep ya head up, Biebs!

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